Penguin 900 Safety Knife


Penguin 900 Safety Knife

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Penguin 900 Safety Knife

The Penguin 900 is a one piece, heavyweight, disposable safety knife with twin blade entry and ergonomically designed handle. With the addition of the ‘opposing slopes’ on the knife head and the blunt tape cutter at the handle base, the Penguin 900 is an effective, versatile cutter.
Twin blade entry provides a larger target area and extended blade life. Knife head ‘prongs’ can be used to puncture into plastics, stretch/shrink wrap.
The blunt tape cutter is situated at the base of the handle allowing it to be used without changing your grip.
The knuckle guard protects the hand from injury whilst cutting.

Suitable for cutting the following:-

Penguin: cutting banding   
Strapping/Banding                                      Shrinkwrap                                                     Tape

Bags & Sacks                                                  Cardboard

Colours: Green, blue or orange

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