Goldfreeze Heat Protection Catalogue 2019/20

Protection against very extreme conditions

Heat Protection Clothing

  • Radiation Heat Protection up to 1000°C
  • Heat Protection Aprons for Contact Heat & Radiant Heat
  • Contact Heat Protection up to 600°C
  • Non-Aluminised Metal Splash Clothing
  • Fire Retardant Clothing
  • Alusafe Metal Splash Clothing

Hand Protection

  • Contact Heat up to 250°C
  • Contact Heat up to 500°C
  • Contact Heat up to 750°C
  • Contact Heat up to 1100°C
  • Radiation Heat up to 1000°C

Heat Protection Footwear

  • Foundry Boots
  • Welding Boots

Head Protection

Fire Protection

  • Fire Proximity Suit
  • Fire Entry Suit

Welding Protection