Goldfreeze – Sleaford’s Global Extreme Temperature Specialists

It’s a funny thing, we live in a global economy and our thoughts may turn to large corporations, banks, global brands, big cities. I wonder how many people think of Sleaford as a global centre?

We’re a small team of local people based in the beautiful Lincolnshire market town of Sleaford in the East of England. From our East Road headquarters we market and supply one of the world’s leading quality cold protection brands and the UK’s most comprehensive heat protection range. We manage a complex international supply chain reaching across continents to our customers globally, while at the same time being very much a part of our local community.

We do business the old-fashioned way, knowing our customers and offering a great level of service to them. We continually seek ways to improve whatever we do and share ideas to develop new products and services.

Our cold protection customers include major UK food multiples and logistics and we have a growing distribution network of partners in the EU and worldwide serving local markets.

Our heat protection products are used in major UK industries such as Iron & Steel, Glass, Cement and Aerospace. We are one of the fastest growing suppliers of heat protection products in Europe

So Sleaford as a global centre? We think it is….